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Thalasso therapy

The sea as a therapy

What is the Thalasso therapy?
“All life comes from the sea, and who opens to the sea, will find inspiration and relaxation” (Hippocrates). Already several thousand years ago Hippocrates used algae and sea water cures to alleviate physical discomfort. Today the healing power of the sea is specifically used for therapeutic purposes as well in the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa.

The Thalasso therapy, which refers to the Greek words “thalassa” means sea and “therapeia” means treatment, focuses on the regeneration and revitalization of the body. All elements of the sea such as ocean bed, seawater, sea plants and sea air – are thereby used for the therapy. Nowadays the Thalasso therapy is defined as a treatment using all regulatory elements of the ocean under medical supervision.

An authentic Thalasso therapy – directly at the ocean

  • contributes to the detoxification and helps to recharge your batteries
  • strengthens muscles and joints and promotes the uptake of oxygen
  • in addition, the seawater and the maritime climate ensure a stimulation of the circulation and metabolism

Sea water

Treatments with seawater, which finds directly its way into the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa by an own water supply line, are the basis of the Thalasso therapy. It has antiseptic, muscle relaxant and pain-relieving effects, calms the nerves and promotes natural skin regeneration.

Maritime climate & Aerosols

In Punta del Hidalgo you can really feel the revitalizing effect of the maritime climate: surrounded by the powerful surf of the Atlantic, the air is full of aerosols – tiny droplets of seawater, which enter the air as the waves break and are considered to be exceptionally beneficial to health. Aerosols loosen deposits in mucous membranes and have a similar effect as inhaling. When walking at the seaside, aerosols settle on the skin and have an exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effect. The skin feels smoother and softer. Sea air also has a high oxygen, iodine and magnesium content and is rich in trace elements that stimulate the immune response in skin and respiratory organs.


Thanks to their high nutrient and vital substance content, algae are an essential part of countless treatment at the Thalasso therapy. Algae mainly act to tighten, refresh and purify the skin, stimulate the skin’s metabolism and relieve skin inflammation. At the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa algae are used for wholesome algae packets as well as ingredients at the menu.

Salts & brine

Sea salt contains a variety of essential minerals. It removes toxins and pollutants from the body, helps with blood flow problems and strengthens the immune system. Brine is a saline solution with a salt content of 1.5 to 6 percent. At the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa they are applied in form of baths, rubs or wraps.

Thalasso Detox

In the water one feels more easily and the calorie consumption increases. At the same time, the low-carbohydrate Thalasso Balance cuisine is a pleasure.

  • 1x Initial medical examination
  • 5x Algae pack in the waterbed
  • 5x Full body massage (à 45 mins.)
  • 1x Colonic irrigation therapy
  • 1x Salt oil peeling
  • 2x Personal training
  • 2x Nordic Walking in the group
  • 2x Aquafitness
  • 7x Thalasso Balance diet I (Low carb)
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The Océano

The sea surrounds us in Punta del Hidalgo – the small, advanced headland in an almost forgotten corner of the island of Tenerife. The rush of the sea accompanies us throughout the day.

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Your hideaway on Tenerife’s northern tip – embedded between mountains and the sea lies the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa on a promontory in the green north-east of Tenerife. Both the nature and the lovingly designed interior of the hotel offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

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The 91 rooms and suites are decorated in warm colors and contrast with the elemental area surrounding the hotel. Equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel they provide the basis for a relaxing stay.

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Health Spa

Your desire to recover on vacation is very important to us. The mild bracing climate and the strength of the location build an incomparable setting for our therapeutic treatments, which are preventively and on a profound regeneration oriented.

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