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04.12.2015Health, Medicine & Sports

Detoxed, beautiful and fit for spring

The days are becoming warmer, the clouds are slowly evaporating in the sky and the winter – before it really got started – is slowly giving way to spring. Along with the increasing spring temperatures and the first budding flowers comes the desire to banish those thick woolen sweaters and winter jackets, and to unpack your light and airy clothing. But a winter full of a hectic lifestyle with not much movement and some fast food here and there can leave traces behind. The body’s performance is also diminished in general: strength and vitality are exhausted and must be restocked as soon as possible. Detoxing, purifying and deacidifying help to combat this, such as with the F.X. Mayr detox programme at OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa on Tenerife.


The roots of strength…
Numerous studies have shown how important balanced nutrition is for a strong immune system and general well-being. F.X. Mayr therapy is also based on this knowledge, as offered by the OCÉANO Hotel as part of various health spa programmes. What makes it special and sets it apart from the masses of other nutritional programmes is the central importance of the intestines. The F.X. Mayr method is based on the recognition that good health is rooted in the
optimal functioning of our intestines, and so it focusses on good digestion.
Just like a tree that gets all the necessary nutrients through its deep-reaching roots, sucking up power and energy for its trunk, branches and leaves – that is how the digestive system works for humans. Our vitality and our health depend in no small part on the state of our intestines: if a person eats healthily, their intestines can supply enough important minerals, vitamins and trace elements to the entire body. These vital substances enable the functionality and efficiency of the organism to remain optimal, ensuring a healthy metabolism and personal well-being. With modern F.X. Mayr therapy, the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa offers its guests a holistic concept to prevent illness, correct eating habits and improve general health in a natural way. The F.X. Mayr detox and the beneficial power of sea water in the form of Thalasso therapy are the two key pillars on which the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa’s health range is built. F.X. Mayr and Thalasso therapy are also supplemented with additional treatments, such as Ayurveda, Shiatsu, acupuncture, osteopathy or oxygen therapy, for optimum results.

The “other” Tenerife
Situated in the verdant environs of the island’s north, surrounded by a lush garden filled with palms and flowers, the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa is a true retreat, ideal for holistic recovery and vitalisation. This health oasis is in a quiet location far from the beaten tourist track at the foot of the Anaga Mountains, amidst the dreamy fishing village of Punta del Hidalgo. It will help you quickly forget all about everyday life and immerse you in the atmosphere of the original, untouched Canary Islands. This peaceful location along with its unique nature, the special power of the site and the mild climate interact to produce an ideal backdrop for our therapeutic, medically supervised treatments. It also enables long-lasting vitalisation and profound regeneration for mind, body and soul. K. Matthias Rolle, the managing doctor and owner of the hotel, has realised the concept of holistic recuperation at the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa, and so developed a hotel that lives up to the standard of ‘THE OTHER TENERIFE’.

The Océano

The sea surrounds us in Punta del Hidalgo – the small, advanced headland in an almost forgotten corner of the island of Tenerife. The rush of the sea accompanies us throughout the day.

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Photo gallery

Your hideaway on Tenerife’s northern tip – embedded between mountains and the sea lies the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa on a promontory in the green north-east of Tenerife. Both the nature and the lovingly designed interior of the hotel offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

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Rooms & Suites

The 91 rooms and suites are decorated in warm colors and contrast with the elemental area surrounding the hotel. Equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel they provide the basis for a relaxing stay.

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Take advantage of our offers and enjoy your stay at the OCÉANO even more relaxed.

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Health Spa

Your desire to recover on vacation is very important to us. The mild bracing climate and the strength of the location build an incomparable setting for our therapeutic treatments, which are preventively and on a profound regeneration oriented.

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Detox following F. X. Mayr

In the F. X. Mayr medicine, we place the intestine in the center of our treatments. Based on the importance of the intestine as the foundation for good health, with our F. X. Mayr programmes we offer an holistic approach to prevention, detoxification and rehabilitation of the intestine.

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Whether hiking, mountain biking or surfing – for all people who love to be active is Tenerife an ideal destination. In our workshops you have the opportunity to learn new things in a relaxed atmosphere. Evening events at our cultural programme are especially suited to the culturally aware.

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Valuable advice for your health, information to the island of Tenerife and news from the OCÉANO are awaiting you in our blog.

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