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Tenerife – the place to be

Nature Resverves

More than 40% of Tenerife is protected by nature. The most famous nature reserve in Tenerife is undoubtedly the Parque National del Teide. In the gigantic crater landscape around the third-highest island volcano the visitor feels moved to another planet.

Mountain in the Parque National del Teide
View on the Teno and Anaga mountains

The two largest natural reserves, the Teno and the Anagage mountains, are the geologically oldest parts of the island. In the deep gorges and wild heights, an archaic nature has been preserved, which are accessible only by a few small villages, which can often only be reached after an hour-long trip or hike.

The Cañadas

The absolute highlight: the national park around the 3718 meter high volcano Teide, the highest mountain in Spain.

The volcano Chinyero

is located at the north-western hillsides of the Teide. In view of this unspoilt volcanic landscape, the last eruption of the Teide seems only a few years past.
The contrast to the adjacent sea and the view of the green island La Gomera is unique.

The Montaña Roja

As a landmark, you can see this mountain from the plane. At its feet is the famous surfer wave of El Medano.

The Pijaral

Here you are in the heart of the Anaga mountain range. The humidity is so high that the terrain, although located on the hill, is almost marshy and lush vegetation.

Malpaís de Güimar

Hidden volcanic landscape with a well-known circular hiking trail. Here you have sun for sure!

The Corona Forestal

lays the whole national park with the Cañadas. Venerable pine forests, which even weather the dangerous forest fires, are very popular for mountain bikers.

Laurel forest – from the beach to the clouds

The Anaga biosphere reservation begins just a few hundred meters behind the Hotel OCÉANO.Here, the mediterranean laurel forest has kept its original form.

Numerous hikes lead to ancient Caminos (paths) with magnificent views into deep ravines (Barancos), through the large laurel forests (Laurisilva) of Tenerife. The cloudy and water-saturated trade winds meet the Teno mountain range in the north-west of Tenerife, at an altitude of 500-100 m, as well as the Anaga mountain in the north-east of the island.

Laurel forest with mystical character in Tenerife

Clouds create fog-like visions (Bruma), which give the laurel forests of Tenerife a very mystical character. In these very humid regions countless lichens grow up on the trees, ferns that transform the laurel forest into a jungle mood and ivy and lianas, which intensify the impression of a genial wilderness. There is a reversal of the water flow: the trees discharge the excess water, which they absorb from the air, into the soil.

Mediterranean laurel forest in the Anaga biosphere reservation

On the way to the Mercedes forest at the entrance of the Anaga mountains, one stop at the Mirador de Jardina is worthwhile in one of the endless winding roads. Here you have a magnificent view on the Teide massif. Whether on foot, by bike or by car – you can reach places of great beauty and strength. Since 2015, the entire Anaga mountain range has been designated as a biosphere reserve.

View from Mirador de Jardina on Teide massif
The Océano

The sea surrounds us in Punta del Hidalgo – the small, advanced headland in an almost forgotten corner of the island of Tenerife. The rush of the sea accompanies us throughout the day.

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Your hideaway on Tenerife’s northern tip – embedded between mountains and the sea lies the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa on a promontory in the green north-east of Tenerife. Both the nature and the lovingly designed interior of the hotel offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

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Rooms & Suites

The 91 rooms and suites are decorated in warm colors and contrast with the elemental area surrounding the hotel. Equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel they provide the basis for a relaxing stay.

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Take advantage of our offers and enjoy your stay at the OCÉANO even more relaxed.

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Health Spa

Your desire to recover on vacation is very important to us. The mild bracing climate and the strength of the location build an incomparable setting for our therapeutic treatments, which are preventively and on a profound regeneration oriented.

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Detox following F. X. Mayr

In the F. X. Mayr medicine, we place the intestine in the center of our treatments. Based on the importance of the intestine as the foundation for good health, with our F. X. Mayr programmes we offer an holistic approach to prevention, detoxification and rehabilitation of the intestine.

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Whether hiking, mountain biking or surfing – for all people who love to be active is Tenerife an ideal destination. In our workshops you have the opportunity to learn new things in a relaxed atmosphere. Evening events at our cultural programme are especially suited to the culturally aware.

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Valuable advice for your health, information to the island of Tenerife and news from the OCÉANO are awaiting you in our blog.

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