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Detox following F. X. Mayr

Unmatched proactive health care: Based on the importance of the gut as the foundation for good health, we offer you a holistic approach to prevention in a natural way with the detox following F. X. Mayr.

History and Background

At the start of the 20th century, Austrian naturopath Dr Franz Xaver Mayr developed his still unsurpassed method of preventative medicine. Approaching the relief and purification of our digestive system as the ‘root’ of health, even the detoxification of other organ systems, especially connective tissue, will succeed. Our everyday lifestyles, marked by high stress levels and a lack of exercise, require a break at regular intervals to kick start the active self-regulation of our organism again.

A Mayr cure is based on a special early diagnosis, in which functional disorders can be detected even as they are beginning to emerge. Modern orthodox medicine is used in combination with it, to obtain a holistic picture.

The revitalisation and increased performance gained ensure a new and sustainable balance for everyday life with more satisfaction and joie de vivre.


The Principles of Mayr Medicine
  • Protecting the intestine with an individually prescribed diet as the basis for the recovery of body, mind and soul.
  • Cleansing the intestine with saline irrigation in the form of a physiological dose of Epsom salts.
  • Training eating behaviour through enjoyable chewing and stimulating the intrinsic intestine activity with regular medical, manual abdominal treatment.
  • Substituting minerals for an equitable acid-base balance.
  • Moderate sports activity to stimulate the metabolism and cell renewal.
  • Self-reflection to gain new inspiration for everyday challenges out of this distance.
Elementary and Enjoyable Self-Interaction

An F. X. Mayr break begins with the inner attitude of shedding ballast. If our bodies are given the opportunity to expel the unnecessary, a state of relaxation and balance will be restored in just a few days. You and your Mayr doctor will determine jointly whether the path to this will consist of fasting or of mild yet enjoyable, light Mayr food.

Depending on your constitution, the doctor will prescribe an individual diet which is carefully prepared to protect the intestine and suitable for practising enjoyable chewing.

The individual, correct balance of stimulation and rest phases is the key to a successful cure. Accordingly and in addition to regular medical stomach treatments for monitoring purposes, other therapeutic treatments, active training solo or in a group, wraps and baths are done together with the sauna and Thalasso therapy.


Programmes & Indications

Mayr Classic
For prevention for experienced fasters, for high blood pressure and stomach problems

Mayr Intensive
Especially suitable for non-specific intestinal problems (IBS, food sensitivities) as well as allergies. You can also reach the turning point for stress, insomnia or depression in this way.

Mayr Metabolism
Cholesterol that cannot be controlled, blood sugar levels already increased and the pounds a constant annoyance? Then this package is the effective answer.

Mayr Musculoskeletal
Less weight does mean more support for the joints But detoxification is, however, crucial and leads to better care of the joints. In this context, a detox following F. X. Mayr is combined with musculoskeletal treatments by our specialists.

Mayr Atlantic Fit

Sporty, dynamic people will not be bored. Learn new things about your body!


Interview with K. Matthias Rolle, Senior Doctor OCÉANO

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